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HTSpec TSX Redeux: Part 9, Photo-blast...AFTER the Paint Booth

  • Posted: 04-23-2014 12:11 PM
  • HTSpec TSX

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HTSpec TSX Redeux Build Log

It's been a while since we've updated the status of our HTSpec TSX. Part of the reason why is that we got the car out of paint and have been feverishly working on it! We left off with the car entering the paint booth after body work, sanding, priming, more sanding, and final scuffing. The very next time we made it to Reedville Body and Paint was to find a very wet-looking layer of deep dark red on the body.

We held a guessing contest to see if anyone could read our minds and know what the color was going to be. Sadly, nobody guessed Bordeaux Red Paint; a hue that was applied to Honda Accords from 1990 to 1997, and first generation Odysseys. A handfull of folks thought it might be a red color, and we are going to be contacting those people for conselation prizes for being in the right part of the color wheel.

Ug...the windows of the paint booth were so dusty it's making the car look horrible! Let's take a look after the car rolled out...

We hope you are wondering, "Hey Heeltoe? Why pick a color that is so old and common? There are so many more exciting and wild colors out there!" First and foremost, the goal of this car is not to be the cool kid at the party. It's to be the playah in the corner of the club. Cars that scream "look at me" with gaudy paint and insane wheel fitents are hard to take in, and have the staying power of Supra taillight conversions. On the other hand, there can be no more easy way out than picking a grey, silver, black, or white. These colors always look good but rarely look great.

This GT-inspired TSX was meant to get attention but in a more classy and sophisticated way. We wanted to show our customers that one need not be overstated to make an impression. The car will see action, and really needs to captivate people when it is around. Like a really good wine, burgundy is a color accomplishes this goal.

Additionally, this color holds special meaning for Heeltoe's owner, Marcus. Honda, in the late 1980's was coming into its own with several automotive home-runs. Successful Civic and Accord models were helping the company grow at a dramatic rate because the cars were so ahead of their time. In the 1990's Honda continued their trend of making reasonably sized and priced cars that were paradoxially fun to drive and economical. We don't have a favorite Honda from that era, but Marcus has fond memories of the 1994 Accord LX Sedan he once owned in 1997-98. Take a look at this sweet 90's ride:

Eibach Sportlines and an RS-Akimoto intake. The Prelude VTEC wheels were borrowed. Hey, Marcus was only 20 at the time...and this was a damn nice car for a kid!

And how about this OLD scan from a 1995 RS*R catalog showing the drop with their springs on it. Most kids today would chukkle..."what drop?"

We just loved that chassis and color combo. 

This chassis, the CD Accord, we figure is one of Honda's. It has a very reliable drivetrain, a reasonable weight, plenty of room, excellent sightlines, a doublewishbone wonder there are a bazillion of them out there. The Japan-market Accord was actually the same model as the North American one as well; we got the same awesome platform that Japan intended for their home market.

After this model was replaced in 1998 with a new Accord, the lineage back to Japan was fractured. The JDM model evolved into the CL1 chassis, while the US got a frumpy Camry-competitor in the CG iteration. The Accord remained lithe and sporty overseas but downright pedestrian in America. The platforms were not so different, but the styling and tuning were bland. We were very let down.

2003 brought another Accord redo, which resulted in the US Accord returning somewhat to it's sportier roots while maintaining a diet of cheeseburgers and fries. The real news was the further refinement of the global Accord into the CL9 chassis which was not only an exceptional step in chassis tuning and vehicle design, but marked a return to the North American market! Wearing an Acura TSX badge, North American enthusiasts could now get a car more directly linked to the CD-chassis in size and chassis tune.

What all that ramble is trying to say is we painted the HTSpec TSX Bordeaux Red Pearl because it harkens back to a chassis that represented the a surge enthusiasm for the Honda brand. We had an old Accord that looked awesome in R78-P, and we wanted to see how it's grandson would look in the same finish.

Quite good, we think! Here are some shots of the paint in different light.


Painful as it is to know we could not accomplish a COMPLETE color change at this time, the inside panels are a relatively acceptable black. Still, the red plays well with the HTSpec TSX's Ivory interior.

We left the car with the doors needing paint. They hung on a rack awaiting their new finish.

We snuck a couple aerial shots to get a different view of the paint. We are quite happy with the new look!



04-24-2014 11:21 AM at 11:21 AM
Great Color Marcus, I love it. Definitely classy and bold looking. Keep up the great work

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