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HTSpec TSX Redeux: Part 8, Photo-blast in the Paint Booth

  • Posted: 04-09-2014 12:10 PM
  • HTSpec TSX

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HTSpec TSX Redeux Build Log

If it seems like we're dramatizing the paint job on this TSX, possibly milking it to every possible extent, you might have a point. Before we address that, let's highlight that we've made a new post for the HTSpec TSX Build Log, made an HTSpec TSX Facebook page, and launched an HTSpec TSX Guess The Color contest. :)

Ok, for the rest of this post we are going to avoid as much pandering and schmoozing and promoting as we can, and just show you some pics of the car in the paint booth.

Here is the primer stage. After the body is scuffed and patched with filler (as little as possible, of course), it is sanded and then primered.

The panels are being prepared and painted separately from the body.

Because it was so chipped up, the hood was taken down to the metal in places. We don't really need to paint the hood, because we will be getting a carbon one, however having a good looking backup seemed like a really good idea.

After the primer is applied and cured, it is also sanded down to a glassy smooth finish, ready to accept paint.

I'd seen on Boyd Coddington's old show that this primer really should be taken almost all the way down, then reprimered in a different shade, and taken down again. This gives the flattest surface. But they also leaded the gaps, and charge four times as much as we are paying.

Your gift for persistence for scrolling through all this is a shot of your humble author and our resident camera-ham. This pic is begging for a retouch; we'll save that one for the mantle.


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