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HTSpec TSX Redeux: Part 6, Finishing teardown, dropping off for paint

  • Posted: 04-01-2014 12:13 PM
  • HTSpec TSX

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HTSpec TSX Redeux Build Log

The teardown of the HTSpec TSX has been going smashingly well. As verbose as we’ve been in previous updates, it’s really difficult to expound upon the simplicity of it right now. Getting going, let’s just delve into some pics, continuing on from last time.

Time to tear down the doors.

The rear glass, moldings, run channel, quarter glass, main glass, and door handle all taken off. It was extremely disheartening to find that the sash trims (the moldings that arc over the the windows) are practically impossible to remove without bending. Even without bending them, they get rippled and wavy. There goes $450 in JDM window trims in the can. *sadface*

No use crying over spilled milk; moving on to the front door. 

A similar level of stripping happened here. You know it is much simpler taking apart the front doors. We are not dreading putting it back together nearly as much as the rear ones.

The driver’s door held evidence of past indiscretions. Apparently the glass in this door had been broken at some point. We feel so violated! It begs the question of what happened. Was it just the glass or was the door smashed?

Based on some snooping around in the door, it didn’t seem as though there was anything more than a simple broken window. That makes our TSX a pretty unlucky one for glazing. Recall our rear windscreen was found shattered one morning, and required untimely replacement. Immediately following that incident (which ended in us buying a new, Genuine Acura glass and having it installed out of pocket) the front windscreen was cracked by a rock on the freeway! Being unwilling to install a cheap, aftermarket rear glass with its distortions, off-colored defogger, and conspicuous lack of a Honda logo was a decision that could not be repeated in the front so closely afterward. For more than three years now the aftermarket front windscreen has been an annoyance every single day. One major decision still in front of this build is whether or not we are going to now invest in a new Genuine front windscreen and absorb its substantial cost. Remains to be seen…

Fortunately didn’t add any more bad luck to the car by breaking any glass during the disassembly of the door mirrors. As mentioned previously, there really is only one good time to paint a car. We are trying to get as close as is practical back to that point.

And that pretty much rounds out the teardown! We loaded the HTSpec TSX onto the trailer…

…tossed the aero kit in the back of the rig…

…and trundled on down to Reedville Body and Paint. These guys came pretty highly recommended from Jay of Given the friendly staff and spanking new facility, we are glad we went with them. Heck, there haven’t been a couple dozen cars painted in their booth yet, as they’ve just moved to this new, large facility.

And so we bid adieu to the HTSpec TSX. We’ve still got to deliver the rear bumper cover, as we were investigating if the 2006-08 Mugen Lip will fit on a 2004-05 bumper cover. We’ll give another update when those parts get dropped off.

In the meantime, we wanted to see if we could have a little fun with the color. We are sure some are wondering what color the TSX is going to be painted. Well, we are going to have a little fun with it before we reveal it and have a little guessing contest.

Whoever can guess the color we will be painting the HTSpec TSX will get a $25 gift certificate to! We are even giving $5 to everyone who guesses the right hue! See our Facebook page for details.


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