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HTSpec TSX Redeux: Part 11, More Post-Paint Assembly with Exhaust

  • Posted: 06-07-2014 12:11 PM
  • HTSpec TSX

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HTSpec TSX Redeux Build Log

Once again it has been a while since we've updated this blog series featuring the HTSpec TSX build. The car is well built and has made appearances at both the Eibach Meet and Sonoma Raceway, and these events will be featured very soon. For now, let's at least get to a point where the car is all together!

With the front bumper on, we moved on to this stunning, full-Ti J's FX-Pro dual exhaust. This exhaust is artfully produced and weighs practically nothing. It is sure to add a bit of performance to the TSX over the Fujitsubo exhaust we took off, if through nothing other than in weight savings.

This gratuitous upshot shows off the exhaust and the Ultra Racing side lower braces which we HIGHLY recommend.

We installed some Cusco and J's exhaust hangers as well, but found they mount the exhaust really close to the Mugen rear lip. There is a little risk of melting there, so we tried to tweak the system as much as we could.

It just looks sooo amazing.

While we had the car in the air and were replacing stuff, we tossed on a totally new splash shield. This part is prone to damage since it is close to the ground, but the more annoying part is most oil changers will take the trap-door access panel and trash it in the favor of making an oil change, what, 10 seconds faster? Total waste. We re are happy to say the underside of the TSX is considerably more complete with a new splash shield.

Now, it is on to the side skits. The Mugen skirts come with multiple metal brackets to attach them to the car. We prefer the standard side skirt mounting, which uses plastic tabs and bitch-clips to keep it in place. The less-pliable plastic the Mugen sides are made of probably required something different. Just the same, the fitment is perfectly top-notch.

The skirts also adhere in the sill panel areas with double-sided tape. Mugen has you apply some felt tape as well in areas where the sides contact the chassis. This is to prevent rubbing and rattling as the panels fit very close to the car. It's hard to see in the pic, but a nice detail.

You actually need to apply it...sort of a tedious task.

Here we are ready to toss the sides on. All the brackets are in place. Aaand, we didn't get any pics of them actually installed on the car! Oh well, more to come...


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