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HTSpec TSX Redeux: Part 10, Finishing Off The Paint Job

  • Posted: 05-01-2014 12:11 PM
  • HTSpec TSX

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HTSpec TSX Redeux Build Log

When we left off, the HTSpec TSX's fresh paint job was revealed. The new Bordeaux Red Pearl skin is a unique, eye-catching, yet classy outfit for this, on of Honda's best ever, chassis.

But the job isn't done until ALL the parts are painted.

Doors hanging out.

Mugen Side Skirts.


The Mugen front bumper arrived with a small crack on one corner that was repaired.

And lastly, the rear wing was given a final sand and prep.

Meanwhile, the HTSpec TSX was color sanded to take down the orange-peel on the finish. The color sanding was done twice to really make a flat surface, but enough peel is still in the paint so as to look like a reall high quality factory job.

A brand new, Genuine front windscreen was installed to replace the chipped up aftermarket one. This was a pretty expensive addition to the car but we could not in good conscience put the old one back on.


Here are some shots of the rest of the parts coming out of paint. Rear bumper lip had the black diffuser area masked off.

The HTSpec TSX all color sanded and polished, ready to come home.

Outside the paint takes on a different look. Once in a ehile you get a glint of metallic. The paint sometimes looks dark red, sometimes has a magenta color, and other times has a tomato-orange look.

Ah, back where it should be.

But now there is the huge task of re-assembly. We don't have the greatest track record here and there is a very real concern the paint will get damaged somewhere in the process. We definitely tried to be as careful as possible. You can see from the color above to the one below, the paint appears very different in different light.

Mugen bumper perched upon some unopened J's Racing goodies.

We upgraded the 2004-05 JDM EuroR lamps top 2006-08 versions. The ballasts are definitely not mounted perfectly, though. We must say, installing 2004-05 Lamps on a 2006-08 is much easier than the other way around!

The bumper fits so well on the modifications whatsoever!

Perfectly pre-cut mesh installed.

This grille needed a hole cut for the J's Tow Hook to come through.

And here we will finish off with the front end completely assembled, minus fog lamps.

There still needs to be a grey strip applied to the lip area, and black finish in the fog lamp surrounds. Our plan is to apply vinyl to these areas when the tint is being done.

For now that is all! More assembly coming!


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