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HTSpec TSX gets new taillamps

  • Posted: 05-18-2012 11:37 PM
  • HTSpec TSX

If you are an 04-05 TSX owner, you might have noticed that one of the mid-model cycle updates done in 2006 was a change from clear to smoked lenses on the reverse lamps. Unfortunately, the reflector pattern also changed from a square pattern design to a radial design on all the rear lamps. Meaning, just swapping the inner lenses on an 05 to 06 parts would result in a mis-matched set of tail lamps. BUMMER!

However recently we had a conversation with Hond-R in the UK who educated us on the fact that the 03-05 EuroR in fact came with the square pattern reflector and had smoked lenses on the reverse lights. We HAD to get a set. The bright chrome lenses on our HTSpec TSX clashes horribly with the black chrome EuroR headlamps and custom black chrome emblem package.

Check out these pics for our stunning transformation!





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