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Fastbrakes Acura RL caliper adapter kit, 2002-06 Acura RSX

Part Number:
Product Line:
Upgrade Brake Caliper Bracket Kit
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura RSX, 2002-06 (w/ Acura-RL Caliper)
Fastbrakes Acura RL caliper adapter kit, 2002-06 Acura RSX



Fastbrakes adapter kit for most Honda-Acura cars with 5-lug 5x114.3 hubs using the RL 4 pot calipers. This adapter kit will allow the installation of 12.8 350z rotors with factory Acura RL 4 piston calipers. Includes brackets, rotor centering rings, and banjo bolts. 17" OR LARGER WHEELS REQUIRED. Customer supplies the calipers, rotors and pads./p>

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Customer Questions


How many corners is this kit for? --all four corners, or?


This bracket set is a pair of brackets for use on the front right and left.


What exactly is included in this kit? Bolts? Nuts? Washers? Hub rings? Instructions? Are there any pictures available of the kit? Thanks!


This kit includes brackets and fasteners to install RL calipers on the TSX. Instructions are not generally needed as the install is fairly straightforward.


What rotors are suggested? 06 Nissan 350z with the brembo pack or the base pack? Thanks!!


The Fastbrakes rotors use a Nissan Maxima rotor (2007 spec), not a 350Z rotor.

Q:So if the brackets and calipers are used with maxima rotors, what pads would you use?

Acura RL Specific Pads, actually!

Q:Will these work on 2004 Acura TL

Yes they will, although it would be better to source this item: Fastbrakes Acura RL caliper adapter kit, 2004-08 Acura TL non-Brembo

Q:What year RL calipers are required for this adapter kit?

You would use the Advics mutli-piece calipers from any 2005-12 Acura RL.

Q:Do you need hubrings to run the 12.8 rotors from the 350z Brembo package?

This bracket kit does come with hub rings, and is designed for use with Maxima rotors, available to order here: Results for "use with fastbrakes rl" caliper brackets

Q:Can I use my oem brake lines & oem wheels ?

You can use OEM brake lines and wheels but you will likely need wheel spacers to increase clearance to the calipers.

Q:Hi, I'm from europe, and can't get Maxima rotor (2007 spec). Would 350Z Rotors fit? Thanks

You can use the 350Z Track-spec rotors, although a small area inside the RL caliper casting must be shaved down. It is a minor modification.

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