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Heeltoe Logo Silicone Pint Glass, Black, Red, or Grey

HeelToe Automotive
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Pint Glass
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Heeltoe Logo Silicone Pint Glass, Black, Red, or Grey


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A good friend of mine once said:

Beer is lubrication for the ball-bearings of life.

A. Lawlor

Whether you partake in a delightful Deschutes, Jack & Coke, or even an ice-cold lemonade as your refreshment of choice; a proper beverage vessel is your best personal companion in the garage. Glass, however, is best laminated and used as a windshield.

Enter the Heeltoe Silicone Pint Glass.


These silicone cups are everything the automotive enthusiast needs in a beverage vessel:

  • Unbreakable making them portable and carefree
  • Holds high temps, such as hot oil or coolant
  • Bendable to fit into tight spots
  • Emblazoned with Heeltoe, showing your automotive enthusiasm
  • Soft and won't scratch finishes
  • Grippy, pliable surface is easy to hold for hard worn hands



Glasses are available in Milano Red with grey logo, or a red logo on either a Flint Black or Satin Silver cup. They fit great in tool carts and can be used an portable tool holders.



No work area is complete with out provision for refreshment. Our Heeltoe Silicone Pints resist sweating when cold beverages are poured.



They can be rested just about anywhere as their surface is grippy and the center of gravity is low.



Drive with your Heeltoe Pint on board, but please drink responsibly.

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