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Benji Wins Stage 4! Thanks to Acura and Honda supporters!

  • Posted: 10-05-2015 03:37 PM
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Ben Tran is one step closer to winning the war for the Tuner Battleground Champion today!

For those following his effort, we pleaded to our Heeltoe loyalists to vote for his car in a contest against a serious competitor. The RX7 he was up against was a very well built FD-chassis, having both beauty and brawn, and had significant support from his own camp. Indeed, while we asked for votes for Ben, some friends of Heeltoe chose to send their support to Phil's FD. Phil had been in the lead for the entire battle, but things got a little colorful when the gap started to close...



Clearly stressed and maybe a little confused, Phil made the mistake of being just a bit too derogatory against Ben's "Honda." We can understand how he feels this car is just an amalgamation of parts without purpose. And we definitely give him credibility for having developed his car for performance driving for which he uses it. We at Heeltoe are track-driving enthusiasts as well, valuing total function over pure show-car looks.

But unfortunately, assessment of the car and the purpose behind it are incorrect. Benjamin's car is a no-compromise show-stopper. He's got it all. Custom performance modifications, body work, a sophisticated suspension system, top-notch materials and finishes, and parts you will not find on any other Honda or Acura.

In our original posting, pleading for votes, we cite that this car is clearly not built for everyone. Fact is, that was never, and should never be, the point. Both cars were built by and for their respective owners. Ben's certainly was constructed without influence or direction from sponsors, to be the best "Benji's car" it could be. The supercharger package alone, retaining power steering and air conditioning, makes him one of the most ambitious Honda projects we've encountered.

Noticing the gap closing, Phil counted on the many Honda-bashers out there to side with him; and the plan backfired. As it turns out, people would rather vote for a car that IS rather than one that ISN'T a particular brand. Phil's car is amazing for sure, but underestimated Ben's TSX's significance when he discounted it as unworthy competition. And by belittling the Honda brand he shot himself in the other foot, too. See the results for yourself:



Benji's car is perfect for the SEMA show. He's not done with the competition yet, but with the standings above it is hard to see him missing his spot at this point. Benji amassed more votes in his win than all other winners' totals combined!

Congratulations on the win, Benjamin! From your friends at!



Benjamin Tran
10-10-2015 09:53 PM at 9:53 PM
Recognition is my greatest reward, Thank you David Walker and HTA for this.
David Walker
10-06-2015 02:33 PM at 2:33 PM
"Benji's car is perfect for the SEMA show." So true! This is a wild, no holds-barred show car that hemorrhages customization, which embodies SEMA completely.

Congratulations Benji!

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