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BC Racing BR Series Coil-Over Damper Kit, 2004-08 TL (ALL), A-20-BR

Part Number:
BC Racing
Product Line:
BR Series Coil-Over Damper Set
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TL, 2004-08 (ALL Base, Sport, & Type-S)
BC Racing BR Series Coil-Over Damper Kit, 2004-08 TL (ALL), A-20-BR



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The BR Series Coilovers use a large 46mm diameter piston in a 53mm diameter damper body to maximize oil capacity. As the damper unit operates the oil contained within heats up. The viscosity of oil changes as its temperature varies which can lead to changes in the damping characteristics of the unit.

BC Racing only uses special designed high quality oil with their coilovers that go the extra mile to maximize performance. This increases the capacity of the unit which increases the volume of oil contained, which in turn reduces the peak temperature and significantly improves damper performance.


  • Pillowball Upper Mounts
  • 30 Levels of Adjustable Damper
  • Camber Adjustable Top Mounts
  • Aluminum Top Plates
  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Height Adjustment via Bottom Mount to retain full damper travel!
  • Bearing Mounted Upper Front Spring Platform
  • Dust Boot to Protect Damper Seals
  • *Some features are dependent of model
  • The Extreme-low option is one that adds an additional 20mm of lowering. This level of lowering, while desired by some drivers, most likely will cause clunking in the front end . This noise is from the upper control arms contacting the inner fender wells. This option will also add 1-3 weeks to the shipping time of your order.

    Swift Spring Upgrade:

    • Swift proprietary material along with advanced cold winding process allows Swift springs to be manufactured using a thinner wire diameter with fewer coils making the springs the lightest magnetic metal springs available on the market.
    • Swift Metric Coilover springs feature the highest linearity of any spring out there. Along with the widest stroke range possible, the springs stay linear throughout MORE of the usable stroke range compared to anything else out there. Swift guarantees the spring rate accuracy to be +/- 2% within the advertised spring rate.
    • Swifts superior spring compression speed responds much quicker over undulating road surfaces so the tires have a lesser tendency to skip. This enables the tire to stay in contact with the road, improving traction and helps keep tire temperatures down.

Customer Questions


I see that there is an "extreme low" option, but how much are we looking at with and without the option? Is 2" feasible without the extreme low option?


2" lowering is a pretty median drop, and the extreme low option is not really needed until someone wants their car 3" or more dropped from stock.


can you still able to request for custom spring rate without swift springs? if so what would be the max i can ask for?


Yes, the Swift Spring option and custom spring option are different options. However, if you would want to increase spring rates excessively you may be required to get Swift Springs since the standard springs are not available in all rates. Please visit the Contact Us page to message us for more information as needed.

Q:Do these bc coilovers go lower than the tein basic without getting the extreme drop option?

Yes they will. At least an inch or so lower. These coilovers will give a low enough drop for most anyone without going to the extreme drop version.

Q:can the bc dampeners handle stiff spring rates? Or do they have to be re valved to accommodate stiffer spring rates

BC, to our understanding, changes out damper tubes with appropriate valving to accommodate stiffer springs.

Q:Can these be adjusted for a ride quality that's more on the comfort side verses sport?

They can be adjusted to a soft setting, but will not get as good a ride quality as a Tein Flex Z kit, because the stroke is too short. The Flex Z has a longer stroke and will provide a more comfortable ride.

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