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Back to the Future Day Celebration: Medieval-Pro Sale!

  • Posted: 10-21-2015 12:19 PM
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Owners of 80's Honda and Acura cars often feel like the lonely step-children of the Honda world. Thankfully, is here to save the day! And what better day thatn October 21st, 2015? The iconic day when Marty McFly traveled to the future with Doc Brown in Back to the Future II? This day will only happen once, so we wanted to make it a special one for our automotive-friends (given than science failed us out of flying cars and hover-boards).



Choose any of the 1984-87 Honda CRX body panels, or even a Medieval-Pro damper kit from Tein...we've got the deal for you!


Here is the crazy plot twist... can request your deal, and choose to take it or pay later. You can make good with the payment any time until November 5th! That's right, November 5th, 2015 is the 60th anniversary of Doc Brown's vision of the Flux Capacitor (a red-letter day in the history of science).

SO, how do you get your deal locked in?

  1. Go shopping! Shop for the parts you are looking for.
  2. Visit the Custom Price page on"
  3. In the comments, type the message "1.21 gigawatts". That's our signal to lock in a once in a lifetime deal!
  4. We'll approve your discount for purchase until November 5th. The rest of the details will come in your email.

Now get shopping, future-boy! We'll see the past!


PS: We know that we have a lot more than just 80's Honda customers, and a lot more on offer than just Medieval-Pro parts... so don't be afraid to share this deal with a friend, no matter what Honda or Acura they drive.


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