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Phantom Audio J. L. Kelley Signature Series Tuned Amplifier, 2015+ Acura TLX (w/ Navi)

Phantom Audio
Product Line:
J. L. Kelley Signature Series Tuned Amplifier
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TLX, 2015-19 (w/ Navi)
Phantom Audio J. L. Kelley Signature Series Tuned Amplifier, 2015+ Acura TLX (w/ Navi)

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    Application-specific info:

    The 2015+ Acura TLX amplifier is designed to run the ELS system well. However, the design of the components suffers from cost-cutting measures by the manufacturer. These units are capable of so much more performance, and Kelley is able to refurbish and tune them thoroughly. 

    A note on speakers:

    The factory Acura soundstage and imaging as designed by Elliot Schneider is impeccable. The placement and angle of each component is designed to make the greatest auditory experience possible. And as much as the amplifier tuning improves the overall sound of the system, the speakers make an even greater advancement in the overall sound quality. Look up J. L. Kelley's line of speakers to bring your listening experience to an entirely new level.

    About the $100 Core Fee & return info:

    Phantom Audio refurbishes and re-tunes factory amplifiers. For fastest service to customers, we'll request a core fee after the sale which will be refunded upon return of your stock, functioning amplifier. It should be sent back at the owner's expense, and should be in reasonably good working condition. If the returned core is found to need significant refurbishing or is inoperable, the core fee may be prorated or denied reimbursement. If an incorrect core is returned, the core fee may be prorated or denied reimbursement.

    Manufacturer's details:

    Undeniably, the second best sounding facet of a car, aside from the engine note, is the audio system. The gratification that comes from dropping the windows and cranking the stereo on the perfect cruise speaks to the heart and soul of every automotive enthusiast. Acura had the foresight to hire the best in the business, Elliot Scheiner, to develop the ELS Sound System for use in modern Acura vehicles. The result was an unmatched soundstage on which to build an amazing audio profile while using relatively modest power from the integrated amplifier.

    Even in such a well engineered system, the costs of mass production and the forces of committee-based product selection result in a compromise in componentry.

    Enter Phantom Audio and Jesse Levi Kelley:

    Unwilling to accept the compromises cooked into factory Acura amps, in addition to simply understanding that these electronic modules don't last forever, he set upon creating a collection of capacitor and power-cap alterations designed to breathe new life into ELS sound systems like that in the TLX.

    After mixing and matching various capacitors sourced from all over the globe, he's tuned the factory ELS amplifier to be a different animal altogether creating the Phantom Audio J. L. Kelley Signature Series Tuned amplifier. Just as tuning the engine for more power, Kelley's magic touch gives the factory amp:

    • Broadened Frequency Range; higher highs and lower lows
    • Tighter Bass; more punch without the boom
    • Full Midrange; newfound richness and warmth
    • Crisper Treble; tickles the eardrums without piecing brightness
    • Greater Fidelity; more accurate sound reproduction

    A note on signal quality:

    As a true audiophile, Kelley stresses that it is important to note that modern music storage is not universally in keeping with great sound quality. Compression during digitizing and further compression to reduce file sizes has a severe impact on sound quality. For best results, be sure to use DVD audio discs. Otherwise CDs work great, as does non-compressed digital copy. However burned discs or digital files with more compression on the data will show poor sound quality regardless of the amp and speaker condition. But, even a good, old fashioned cassette is capable of producing quality, analog sound.

    J. L. Kelley personally guarantees your satisfaction with each product provided or you may return your amp to stock for no charge. Simply communicate your feedback through Heeltoe!

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