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ATLP Sports-Luxury Products

ATLP Sports-Luxury Products

ATLP stands for "Achieving Total Luxury & Performance"

Since 2007, ATLP has provided an excellent lineup of exclusive exhaust products for Acura Sports Luxury Vehicles. The iconic "Quad Exhaust" for the 2007-2008 Acura TL Type-S has paved the way for expansion into a broader lineup to include the latest generation Acura RDX and RL, as well as Acura TLs from 1999 to the present model year. Honda Accords are also a growing market for ATLP performance exhaust products, with offerings now available for 2003-07, 2008-12, and 2013 and newer V6 models. Through the growth of the ATLP brand, the core values of the company have remained strong:

  • Provide Products with Value: ATLP customers value exclusivity, performance, refinement, and quality.
  • Exclusive Design: No other exhaust has the subdued growl of an ATLP system nor the look and style of hand-crafted exhaust tips.
  • No Compromise to Refinement: ATLP products are designed to be functional in a way that compliments the nature of the street/sports-enthusiast vehicle.
  • Exclusive Production: Small-batch production, made 100% in the USA in limited runs. Every system is made by hand, from flanges, to the mufflers, to the tips. The custom-made aspect of each system means efficiency is constantly being perfected.

ATLP Sports-Luxury is an in-house brand

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