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ATLP V2 J-Pipe, 2004-08 Acura TL & TL-S UA6 UA7, ES0004V2

Part Number:
ATLP Sports-Luxury Products
Product Line:
V2 J-Pipe
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TL, 2004-08 (ALL Base, Sport, & Type-S)
ATLP V2 J-Pipe, 2004-08 Acura TL & TL-S UA6 UA7, ES0004V2



2.25" Primaries. Equal Length Piping. 2.5" Collector. Stainless Steel 439 Mandrel Bent. Nickel Plated Steel Flanges.

Features of the ATLP V2 J-pipe

  • Eliminates factory restricted j-pipe.
  • Version-2 design provides added ground clearance.
  • Greater scavenging properties.
  • Longer primaries for a more usable power band and torque.
  • Stainless steel 439 construction for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Nickel plated flanges.

Installation Notes

  • Replaces factory J-pipe as a bolt-in, no-weld part.
  • Completely emissions-legal: Does not delete any catalytic converter.
  • All necessary hardware included as well as new port matched gaskets.
  • Add an optional Race Pipe or Metal Car for increased power.

Features of the Optional Race and Metal Cat Pipe

  • Replaces the factory 3rd cat with a higher flowing part for more power.
  • Pre-positioned tabs come welded on to allow the use of the factory heat shield.
  • Gaskets and necessary hardware included, except the factory heat shield bolts and nuts.

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Customer Questions


Is the race pipe a 3" connection like the v2r? jpipe and which should I go for to get most power v2 with race pipe or v2r?


The race pipe on the V2 is 2.5" diameter. The V2-R incorporates a 3" pipe through to the cat-back (all one piece with the cat delete).

The V2 will make more power for straight-line speed, while the V2-R would be more suitable for circuit driving.


What's the difference between the race and metal pipe?


The ATLP Race Pipe is a 3rd cat delete pipe, while the ATLP Metal Cat is a high flow, metal core replacement cat.


I want to do from the header all the way back . Do you have a header that fits to the j-pipe, then exhaust?


Your vehicle is not be equipped with traditional "headers." Before going further, we would suggest reading this article regarding the exhaust layout on your J-Series Engine equipped vehicle: An Outline Of The Exhaust Layout On J-Series Honda V6 Engines

We can provide a complete set of exhaust components from the engine to the tips, and will be happy to consult you on the needed items.

Q:Why don't you make an exhaust for the 2003-07 V6 accords? I'd love an exhaust for us no cat guys that doesn't drone. If you can do that, I'll buy it along with any others. Mid pipe needs to be 3" though.

The main reason we don't offer exhaust manifolds for later generation J-Series engines is that the cylinder heads already have manifolds built in. Read more on that here: An Outline Of The Exhaust Layout On J-Series Honda V6 Engines

That said, we do offer a J-Pipe for the 2003-07 V6 here: ATLP V2 J-Pipe, 2003-07 Honda Accord V6, CM ES0004V2


I see these is a replacement and it's emissions legal. How much torque or hp does it gain. Also what other atlp parts can I replace that will gain torque/hp that are emissions legal.


Because this pipe holds no sensors and impacts no converters, it is a road legal part. It is known to gain around 5-7 hp without an accompanying cat-delete. The cat-back system is also known to gain 5-8 hp and is an emissions legal part.


I'm looking to increase low-end torque so that my 2007 Type S (automatic) can have a better initial acceleration off the line from a complete or running stop. What would you recommend as the best combination of specific parts to achieve this (without breaking the bank)?


For a greater power increase off the line and below 4000 RPM, we suggest an RV6 j-pipe, as well as a light-weight crank pulley. An intake manifold spacer helps with response as well. Also, fresh spark plugs if you don't already have those!

Q:What is a better gains or sound for this j-pipe the ATLP high flow metal cat or the ATLP race pipe or can I use both

The power would be a little more with the Race pipe because it does not have any converter core. The sound is about the same with both, which really isn't much different from stock.

Q:Would the jpipe deteriorate quickly because I live around Chicago and the amount of salt used during the winter is insane. I've saw some issues from others about the flex part deteriorating because of salt?

Corrosive environments are hard on all exhaust parts. ATLP parts are made of high quality stainless that will resist rust. Every situation is different. We want you to know that if your ATLP pipe ever experiences extreme rust or failure due to corrosion, Heeltoe will support you in getting the part fixed or replaced, in many cases without cost.

Q:Does this replace the cat or can you bolt this on the cat ? Curious for emissions I live in pa

This particular pipe does not delete any converters, it is a direct bolt in replacement for the stock j-pipe.

Q:Would this work with a XLR8 exhaust?

Yes it will.

Q:Have the 08 tl s .Is this the best option for my daily and i want to keep things legal and oe like keep the cat conv and i already did the stage 3 mm delete and dynomax this easy bolt on and i am also on tein coils.
A:Yes this pipe will definitely provide a benefit but not remove a cat so it should remain perfectly emissions legal. It is a direct replacement for the stock pipe. The coilovers will not impact the install of this part.

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  • Worthwhile Investment October, 23
    By Kanji Kotaki, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    I've recently replaced the clutch & flywheel, as my 04 TL just marked 180,000 miles (the FW was almost intact). When you do the clutch, the A-pipe has to be removed to drop the subframe. This was a good time to install this pipe. I was a bit confused as to the hanger installation as there was no instruction. The OEM hanger cannot be used (one of the OEM hanger bolts needs to be used however) and the separate metal attaches to the subframe (I've installed spacer/washer on the OEM bolt to keep the hanger metal parallel to the subframe), then use the included hanger rubber.

    I simply wanted to install stainless steel pipe, as here in the North Shore (Eastern MA) region they spray plenty of salt on the road in winter. However, due to larger diameter for the aft cat pipe, the pull has become noticeably stronger, especially in 2nd gear. Since the OEM pipe costs about the same/more, this pipe is definitely worth the money. Note, that the x9 nuts are not included.
  • Perfect April, 29
    By Justin H., Grocery Getter
    Purchased mine almost 3 years ago now and love it. It adds a nicer tone to the exhaust note, you notice the performance gains and another great plus is better mpg! I gained +1 mpg after adding this j pipe. It is worth every penny!
  • Great performance part! January, 22
    By David, Street Performance Enthusiast
  • Pulls sooo good! March, 21
    By Armando Quintana, Grocery Getter
    Great jpipe! Paired it to the race pipe and it really opened the exhaust up for me. I already had precat deletes and atlp exhaust so this put the icing on the cake! Don't think twice!
  • Easy installation May, 14
    By Erik Santiago, Grocery Getter
    The jpipe just bolts right up and fits perfect, also has great sound with no rasp.
  • Highly Reccommended+ November, 23
    By Phil, Street Performance Enthusiast
    Installation was pretty easy. I used $50 ramps I got at NAPA. Don't use a jack or you might die. You take off the plastic piece right next to the j-pipe with a screwdriver and socketwrench and the 9 bolts to remove the j-pipe. You have to use pb blaster spray on the j-pipe bolts cause they will be rusty and difficult to remove. Should take between 30-90 minutes.

    I installed this mod with the test pipe and I could notice an immediate difference and it got even better after the ecu became fully adjusted to the mod. This is definitely worth the money.
  • Great Product. April, 9
    By ET racer, Track or Competition Racer
    I had the race pipe in already & the j-pipe just bolted right up.Felt good pulled hard on the top end. Thanks again.
  • Money Well Spent December, 12
    By Anthony D., Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    I purchased this jpipe because of the ability to keep all of my cats. The part is well built and I love the ground clearence. I have this paired with the mid muffler delete and it sounds perfect, no drone. I personally think this is a great system for those that want more hp, better sound, but would like to keep the luxury feel of the TL. Thanks Marcus!
  • Rocket ship 04 TL 5AT January, 29
    By Scott Shin, Street Performance Enthusiast
    Installed this and the racepipe at the same time. I can definetely feel gains. It pulls harder and is a bit louder, and the fit is perfect. Overall a great investment!
  • Love It! October, 1
    By Andres, Street Performance Enthusiast
    car sounds better and pulls harder. it only took an hour to install along with the high flow cat
  • atlp j pipe v2 January, 18
    By Allen P,
    awesome product great for my lowered car pleny of clearance and made a diffrence in power too.

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