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ATLP Aero Parts: Growing Lineup for the 2004-08 Acura TL

  • Posted: 11-09-2015 07:34 PM
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ATLP has always had the best line of sports-performance parts for the Acura TL, and that tradition continues as their Aero product-line continues to grow.

ATLP innovated top-line aero for the TL in 2008 with the very first Roof Spoiler; a popular part that we cut off from production in 2013. For 2015 a great accomplishment was realized when ATLP re-started production of the popular ATLP V2 Roof Spoiler, this time with an improved mold and material. Knowing that TL drivers are not content with ill-fitting or poor-quality products, the goal here is to create a bespoke TL part which contours the glass perfectly, has aggressive yet contoured shape, and is made of a high-quality material that will not lift or sag.


Then, in an adventurous move, ATLP went a little on the wild side and released a completely original ATLP 3-piece Trunk Spoiler, with accessory end-pieces that continue the shape onto the quarter panels. The spoiler can be installed with or without the end pieces to give a different look. Without the end pieces, the spoiler resembles an A-Spec rear spoiler, but cranked up to 11. With them, the spoiler's look goes to an all-new level with a look never seen before on the 3g TL.


Lastly, ATLP contacted longtime Acurazine member, KB1Spec Raymond, about a long lost, but not forgotten, CSL-Style spoiler he'd made and subsequently discontinued. Knowing this was a popular style for the 3g TL, we decided to bring it back. While not the same size and shape as the original (this is a completely new part) his CSL-style spoiler served as inspiration for recreating this look. The CSL look innovated by BMW remains a popular look for those seeking a balance between sports and style, fitting the ATLP mantra perfectly.


So there we have it! Three great, high quality, aero parts from ATLP. These parts are all made from fully boxed composite construction, and feature recessed mounting surfaces to hide the specially-formulated 3M foam adhesive tape that mounts them. Our mounting tape is selected for its specific foam density, and adhesive properties to work well bonding composite to metal surfaces.


Recessed edges help conceal the body line and give the best fit possible.

They are available in multiple different carbon fiber weaves as well! See links for more details and pics of each:

When it comes to quality parts for your Acura, look no further than ATLP - Achieving Total Luxury and Performance!


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