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Core Fee (refundable upon return of original part)

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Core Fee
Core Fee (refundable upon return of original part)


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This is a core item. This item is purchased along with parts that have an applicable core credit available when the original part is returned.

A core is a part. When some parts are failed and then replaced, the old part in some cases is said to have a "core value," such as it should not be tossed in the trash! It can be be rebuilt or returned to the manufacturer for a refund of the core value. Some examples of this are:

  • Honda/Acura Bluetooth modules. These items can fail internally causing rapid battery depletion. Heeltoe sells replacements, but Honda charges a core fee because they need the old part back to return to their supplier for credit. You'll pay a core fee when you buy a Bluetooth module which is refunded when the part is returned.
  • Phantom Audio sells an insanely impressive amplifier upgrades to a few different Acura models. They rework stock amplifiers in this process, and so when you buy one of their amps they will need your original amplifier back to modify for the next person. You'll pay a core fee online when you buy an amp which is refunded when the part is returned.
  • Costly parts such as some starters, axles, steering racks, and other such items are best rebuilt when they fail, and so when buying a rebuilt part the core will be wanted back at the supplier to rebuild for the next person.

The core fee will vary from item to item as different cores carry a different value. For some items on Heeltoe this core fee will be added to your order automatically, and paid by you. Cores are sent back to the vendor or Heeltoe at your cost for processing (we'll let you know where to ship them, and we can provide the shipping labels if that is helpful to you, and deduct the return shipping cost from your core refund).

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