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Affirm Payments Info and FAQ

What Is Affirm?

Affirm is a payment option you can use when checking out on Instead of a credit card you can choose Affirm for Heeltoe orders of $50 or more.



That sounds pretty cool, but why would I choose Affirm when checking out on Heeltoe? 

Like many Heeltoe customers, your tastes are discerning and therefore your car parts purchases can be a bit, shall we say, costly. Affirm allows you to split up your order total into manageable payments that allow you to pay over time. So you can get your parts coming now, and pay for them over a term you choose with manageable payments.

Is Affirm a credit card? Or a loan?

A credit account is an amount a bank approves you to buy whatever you want whenever you want. You'll open an Affirm account and use it for today's Heeltoe purchase. It is fixed-installment loan, but for a specific single purchase.

Will I need to open an account? That's such a PITA. Plus, I don't want to open another dang internet account that's gonna spam my email and stuff.

OMG we hate that too. Rest assured that Heeltoe has done our homework and are providing access to this service specifically because Affirm is fast, simple, respectful of your time and privacy, and above all...effective. In most cases it only takes a few minutes to get from your Heeltoe cart to a completed order. That's if you don't currently have an Affirm account. And they really only would have reason to email you with information related to your purchase payments. No spam, in other words.

What if I want to order something else next week, though? Can I make multiple purchases with my Affirm account?

Yes you can, although each purchase is an individual case. So with each order, Affirm would approve purchases on a case by case basis.

I need to research Affirm as a company a little more...

How truly diligent of you. Read up more on Affirm's mission to deliver honest financial products to improve your car-life here.


Affirm Approval

Approval...does that mean they will be checking my credit?

Affirm will be looking at your credibility before approving payment terms and options, which will result in a "soft" check on your credit. This is basically a look at your credit history and generally determines what amount you will be able to pay back. Check with Experian to understand more how a soft check will not impact your score.

Ok, so Affirm will gather a few pieces of info, do a soft credit check, and then approve me for a $5000 supercharger kit?

Heeltoe cannot promise that Affirm will approve every customer a full amount for every purchase they want. You are getting a check on credit, and if you can't pay bills that could effect your credibility negatively. 

What if Affirm doesn't approve enough to cover my order?

Affirm will prompt you to make a down payment if they are unable to approve the full amount or if your credibility requires it.

Alright...what's the catch?

No catch. Heeltoe would not partner with Affirm if there was some "oil slick in the corner." The terms are really simple. Affirm will present to you a couple different payment duration and amounts. Naturally, Affirm will collect a finance charge, typically between 10-30% APR. But the entire process is really very transparent. It is all laid out for you before you complete the purchase.

Why should I pay interest when some other place promised 0% APR?

Heeltoe didn't come to be the best place to get Honda and Acura parts online by cutting corners. Heeltoe has researched numerous partners for payment options and found Affirm to be one of the most professional in the business. If there are interest free options out there, you are welcome to them. However it is important to know that legitimate, reliable companies have to make money somewhere. It's better to know exactly what you will pay up front than find out the hard way that customer support is non-existent, or you find your identity has been compromised because your lender got hacked. A few interest points is an easy pill to swallow if you have ever been burned by a fly-by-night lender. Confidence. Reliability. Loyalty. These are the customer service elements that Heeltoe and Affirm share and why we are a winning combination for you to do business with.

All that sounds great but I've got some more questions here...

We're sure you aren't alone. Hit up Affirm's FAQ page here, and if you've still got concerns give Heeltoe a call! 949-295-1665


Let's Proceed

I'm ready! I want to place an order on Heeltoe and get some great terms from Affirm!

Awesome! Simply keep your credit card in your wallet and choose "Affirm Payments" on the Heeltoe checkout page. When you submit your order, you'll be forwarded to Affirm's application page to work on getting your decision.


You are going to be surprised how easy this really is. You don't even need your full social security number.

What do I need, then?

First, you need to qualify. You must...

  1. Be 18 years or older (19 years or older in Alabama or if you’re a ward of the state in Nebraska).
  2. Provide a valid U.S. or APO/FPO/DPO home address. Buy with Affirm is not currently available to Iowa or West Virginia residents. Sorry folks, if you are outside the states, we recommend PayPal!
  3. Provide a valid U.S. mobile or VoIP number and agree to receive SMS texts.

Ok, I got all that...

Sweet! Now just you'll need to provide your full name, email address, date of birth, mobile phone number, and the last 4 digits of your social security number to help Affirm verify your identity.

Wait, that's all?

Yeah! Most of the time it is! After that initial check, Affirm may ask you to link a checking account, and in rare cases there could be some additional steps. They'll take good care of you.

I started the Affirm thing and I changed my mind. I want to use PayPal or my credit card.

No problem, you can exit the Affirm portal at any time, return to the Heeltoe cart, and checkout a different way.


The morning after...

I've done everything with Affirm but my order still isn't Processing with Heeltoe.

This is simply because, like all Heeltoe orders, we handle your order with care and that can take a moment, but typically never more than a day. Unless it is the weekend. in which case we'll be tackling your order Monday!

My order Processing, Heeltoe's getting my parts together...when do I pay?

Aside from any potential down-payment, the first payment will be one month after your purchase. Affirm will be sending email and text reminders when payments are due to make things really simple.

Shoot! Heeltoe just told me my parts are going to be here after my deadline!

Most items on Heeltoe ship within days of your order online. If your deadline is close we'll work with you to make sure you get your stuff in time. If we can't do it, we'll have solutions, up to and including reversal of the order and absolving you of your payment obligation.

How do I pay my monthly payments?

You are going to pay Affirm directly. They've got a payment link where you can do a debit cart or electronic check (ACH) payment, or you can even send a check by mail. The link is, but again, they'll hit you up.

You know...I've made a few payments and I just want to pay the whole thing off. Is there a prepayment penalty?

Awesome! You will save yourself some interest fees and there is no penalty at all!

I've made a few payments and I am kinda over the idea of paying this off, or I honestly can't pay any more.

A "soft" check on your credit does not translate to a "soft" impact because of a default. You should probably read the Affirm Terms of service before proceeding.


How Affirm interacts with Heeltoe and your order

I'm wondering how Heeltoe gets paid...

Affirm pays Heeltoe right away for your order, giving us an ability to ship your parts the moment they are available!

Ok the Affirm thing is awesome, but my Heeltoe order has a concern.

That is completely understandable. Contact Heeltoe through your order history, or you can call or text 949-295-1668, or email us directly.

My item is on back-order and I feel weird about making payments on parts that won't come right away.

Heeltoe sells some really awesome awesome we sometimes need to order it in from Japan or Europe! Or many items are made to order and take weeks to complete. Honestly though that this is no different than a credit card order for a Mugen body kit or backlogged ATLP exhaust. Your payment with Affirm puts you in first-in-first-out queue for these items. Affirm is a tool to get these parts coming to you with an alternative payment option that won't make you pay it all up front even though Heeltoe needs your payment to secure your dream items.

Special ordered parts are special cases?

Yes, they are. While Heeltoe is happy to cancel and refund any order if it is what you wish, some items are special order and they may have different rules. Read more on our refunds and returns policy before ordering to make sure we are on the same page.

I think a refund is really what I want most.

Affirm defers to Heeltoe's policy on returns and refunds. Eligible refunds on Affirm payments are every bit as easy for Heeltoe to unwind as a PayPal or credit cart payment. We don't charge any fees for cancelling eligible orders and you'll get your refund ASAP. We just want to make sure we've done everything we can to retain your business. Call us! 949-295-1668.

So I cancel and/or refund with Heeltoe?

Yes! You don't need to contact Affirm unless the Earth drifts into dimensional rift that throws us into an alternative, nightmarish universe where Heeltoe isn't in your corner and we can't help you. 

Hey man, dimensional rifts...they exist...

Right, well, you will find that the folks at Affirm are every bit in your corner as Heeltoe. Check out Affirm's FAQs to lear more on how they can help.


Please feel totally encouraged to contact Heeltoe with any questions, concerns, or feedback on the Affirm service we are so proud to offer!