AEM Performance 14" X 4" Round DryFlow, UNIVERSAL, 27-10017DK

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AEM Performance 14" X 4" Round DryFlow, UNIVERSAL, 27-10017DK

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This item is discontinued and unavailable for ordering as new.
Univeral Fit It is not make for any specific car installation but may be adapted to different cars through custom work or installation. Heeltoe can't promise this part works for the car in your filter or garage. If you are unsure if this part is for you, please contact us for advice.
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Air Filter
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Oil-Free Filtration

You never have to oil a DRYFLOW air filter, which provides many advantages over cotton-gauze. Not having to oil the filter reduces cleaning/servicing time from several hours to minutes. The reduced weight of the filter (because of a lack of oil and wire mesh) reduces stress on the inlet pipe and allows us to design the filter for unmatched durability.

    Easy to Clean--Almost No Down Time for Servicing
  • * DRYFLOW reduces cleaning time from hours to minutes- no waiting hours for the filter to dry or for the oil to wick before reinstalling the filter back onto your vehicle after cleaning.
  • * Click here to see just how easy it is to clean a DRYFLOW filter.
    Warranty-Safe Filtration
  • * DRYFLOW Filters will not void your warranty.
    Sheds Dirt Under Vibration
  • * AEMfs unique non-woven filter media does not require oil to filter and trap dirt and contaminants, and as a result actually sheds dirt under engine vibration, unlike cotton-gauze which holds on to contaminants until you clean the filter.

Easy to Clean

The DRYFLOW filter cleans in minutes using environmentally friendly, mild, all-purpose cleaner. At the track or on the trail, you can quickly clean the filter by removing and knocking it against your hand to release a majority of the dirt. Since oil is not used, the dirt will not cake to the mediafs surface.Go Ahead, Whack It...Clean That Is!

Under extremely dusty/dirty conditions, DRYFLOW filters can be knocked a few times to remove excess dirt off of the filter pleats.Less Down Time

Our DRYFLOW media is so durable that it can withstand almost unlimited cleanings with virtually no degradation of filtration efficiency. The DRYFLOW synthetic media resists water absorption and since you never have use oil, it takes the guesswork out of servicing and reduces cleaning time from several hours for cotton gauze to just minutes for DRYFLOW.

    Conical Filter Cleaning Procedure
  • 1. Remove filter from intake pipe and set the filter clamp aside. Tap off all loose dirt and debris.
  • 2. Measure the length of the filter media.
  • 3. Fill a pail with warm clean water to the depth determined in Step 2. Add 12 ounces (one bottle) of AEM Filter cleaning solution to the water.
  • 4. Without allowing the solution to flow into the filter neck, submerge the filter into the water and let it soak for 10 minutes. After soaking, rotate the filter back and forth to agitate the water and knock off dirt.
  • 5. Empty the bucket of dirty water. Repeat steps 3 and 4. (Both solution bottles will be used for one cleaning cycle)
  • 6. Refill the pail with clean warm water and rinse by rotating the filter as in step 4. The water should be clear with no signs of dirt in the pail.
  • 7. Allow the filter to air dry. DO NOT APPLY ANY OIL TO THIS FILTER. Re-install the filter on the intake system once it is dry.

Independently Tested!* The Best Performance Air Filter Available

DRYFLOW delivers filtration efficiency of 99.52% cumulative filtration efficiency and filters out particles as small as ONE MICRON in ISO 5011:2000 independent performance filtration testing using A-2 FINE TEST DUST. While our competitors test using COARSE DUST, virtually all vehicle manufactures specify fine dust in their filter testing requirements, as the smallest particles (between one and ten microns in size) tend to be the most damaging.Filters More Dirt Than All Competitorsf Filters Tested

Filtration efficiency equates to the amount of dirt that is being filtered away from your engine. For example, a filter with 99% efficiency filters out 99% of the dirt entering your intake. Compare the filtration efficiency of AEMfs DRYFLOW to competitor dry and oiled cotton gauze filters. The numbers tell the story: AEM DRYFLOW gives you the best initial (clean) and cumulative (end of test) filtration of any performance air filter we tested and filters out smaller particles (as small as one micron) to give you the best protection. The AEM DRYFLOW filters are independently tested following ISO 5011:2000 performance filtra

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