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Acura TSX Clutch Kits for 2004-08 model years - What's up with RSX-S parts?

The Acura TSX is a great car, and one of the best things about it is the availability of a 6-speed manual transmission. It's a sophisticated gearbox featuring a light-weight Magnesium alloy case for light weight.

The stock clutch is different than most other Honda/Acura transmissions in that is it produced by AP in Europe, a company renowned for their work in brake friction.

This break in normal supply means it is actually quite hard to get low cost cores from which performance aftermarket clutches can be made. The clutch is so different from other K-series clutches that it uses a completely different flywheel. The clutch from a TSX is considerably larger, offering more leaverage within the cover to hold the increased torque in the K24A2.


Without any aftermarket options, what do you do if you've boosted your TSX with a CT Engineering supercharger or done other upgrades to the engine and more clutch holding-power is needed? Buy RSX-S parts!

Yes the TSX engine and transmission, while joined with a unique clutch, are still the same conventional design as other popular K-series applications. Simply swapping the TSX flywheel for an RSX-S flywheel allows the use of a very wide array of clutches, as the RSX-S is one of the most commonly modified Acura models using a K-series engine.

This should explain the odd listings you will find showing no TSX clutch available, or a caveat that the flywheel must be changed to use it. So if you want an aftermarket clutch, know that ANY application from an RSX-S will work in a TSX as long as an RSX-S flywheel is installed.

Extra Credit!

Did you know that Heeltoe actually commissioned the production of a 2004-08 TSX specific performance clutch and flywheel? Sourced from vendors AASCO Motorsports and Clutch Net, we had made a TSX billet aluminum flywheel and rebuild a used core TSX clutch cover (pressure plate). The disc is a rigid hub full-face design, providing fast acceleration and direct power transmission from the crank to the wheels. As of this writing the clutch and flywheel combination is being used in the HTSpecTSX. The images of that combination were used for this entry.


Michael Palmer
03-14-2015 01:50 AM at 1:50 AM
How does the TSX clutch hold up to modifications? Basically it sounds like a rebuilt stock clutch with a light aluminum flywheel. Is the disc stock as well?

Also, how does the aasco flywheel compare to other RSX lightened flywheel like the exedy or toda.
Administrator Note:
Pretty much ALL clutches, aside from twin disc and other custom stuff, are rebuilt stock clutches. ACT, Clutchmasters, etc all rebuild stock diaphragms. Although the discs are pretty much all made from new parts and are made to hold more power. This is true of all treet upgrade clutches.

Aluminum wheels are lighter than chromoly wheels, in general. That means, less drivetrain loss and faster acceleration. Also, aluminum wheels transfer heat more quickly meaning you can cook them and they are less prone to overheating. And the heat-shield friction discs are replaceable meaning that wheel can last as long as you need it to. Chromoly wheels are basically one-time use, and must be replaced if the surface is damaged.

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