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2016 Spring Sale: Brace Yourself Promotion : Cusco, Alutec, Ultra Racing, and More!

  • Posted: 03-02-2016 12:53 AM
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Welcome to the Brace Yourself Promotion!

The number one reason we are doing a chassis brace promotion is to bring attention to how awesome this category of parts is. The benefits of chassis bracing a subtle but also extremely valuable. It can be a bit tough to put into words, but we've tried to in this link: Learn And Shop: Chassis Bracing Category. (You'll notice that we try to put as much practical detail in our categories as we can.)


The following coupons expire March 31st!

Bracing100: Save 8% when you make a $100 purchase which includes any chassis brace

Bracing 250: Save 10% when you make a $250 purchase which includes any chassis brace

Bracing 500: Save 12% when you make a $500 purchase which includes any chassis brace

(YES, you can get the discount on more than just bracing, but if your order does not contain at least one brace, we may cancel your order. We strongly suggest getting as many braces as you can though, because they all kinda work together to make the chassis strong.)


Brace Brands to Watch:


 A Japanese brand making a variety of braces out of aluminum and steel. The most popular braces are the OS (polished tower braces) and the Type-I/II subframe braces (aluminum finished in a signature blue color). The AS and ST braces are also popular upper braces. Overall, these braces fit and look amazing and are quite reasonably priced for the quality. Most braces are on hand to ship within the USA, with more coming in once a month. Heeltoe buys direct from Cusco USA!

Ultra Racing

Made in Malaysia, Ultra Racing commits itself to chassis as strengthening, even calling it a safety-enhancing product. They are in fact so focused on improvements through bracing they have made the best animated GIFs we've seen illustrating how they work. UR braces are made of a moderate grade material, and the paint finish is a bit thin, but their single-piece construction makes them some of the most effective braces we've tested. Plus the fit is great! Heeltoe buys directly from UR in Malaysia, so you know you are getting the genuine article. However note that we may need to special order your braces if they are not in stock.


Alutec is a lesser known brand, one Heeltoe is fortunate to work directly with. Made out of Taiwan, these all-aluminum braces are made to a very high quality. We've had one on our HTSpecTSX from very early on. The silver anodized finish has held up remarkably over the years and the part still looks new!. Formed aluminum bars meet CNC and welded aluminum brackets to fit and look amazing. They also make under braces. Note that there may be some lead time in getting these braces as this is a newer line for us and we are building inventory.


Alutec Tower Brace Example:
Alutec Lower Brace Example:
Cusco OS Brace Example:
Cusco Type-I Example:
Ultra Racing Lower Brace Example:
Ultra Racing Tower and Fender Brace Example:


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