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Heeltoe’s Take on Brakes Perhaps, before outlining my beliefs here, maybe I should mention a little about myself. My name is Marcus di Sabella. I have been directly involved in the automotive performance and repair arena since 1997 as a service technician, parts consultant, direct retailer, and customer support agent. I have been indirectly involved […]
I get asked this question frequently, and I have an answer. Nay. Back in the mid 90’s when I started with this import stuff, we did not have much choice. Lower the car with shorter springs. Usually, with shorter you get stiffer too. Both these factors will improve the handling of the car. The problems […]
First it is important to know what pads you have, and what they are capable of. Heeltoe Automotive recommends Racingbrake or Hawk Racing pads, which offer different levels of performance depending on your needs. Find out more about the differences in pads under product descriptions on Heeltoeauto.com!    Alert: Bed in is not a one-time thing. […]

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