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Fastline Performance Compliance Bearings by PCI, 2004-08 Acura TSX

Acura TSX, 2004-08
Fastline Performance
Arm & Alignment Adjuster
Fastline Performance Compliance Bearings by PCI, 2004-08 Acura TSX



The lower control arm compliance bushings on later model Honda and Acura cars are notorious for failing prematurely. This is especially the case for cars with V6 power-trains. The added weight and torque output of the engine wreaks havoc on these bushings, wearing them out in 60,000 miles or less. Very uncharacteristic for a product that is lauded for it's reliability.

Fastline Performance has teamed up with top-level design and production studio Pro-Car Innovations to release a permanent solution to the ever-problematic compliance bushing. Until now, all that could be done to remedy the issue was to replace with new OEM parts. Now, PCI's highly engineered spherical bearing mount has been adapted for use on the popular late-model Acura vehicles that Heeltoe specializes in.

Included with this kit are a pair of spherical bearing compliance bushings and trailing lower control arm bushings. The bearing housings are cnc machined from 6061 aluminum, and anodized. The spacers are cnc machined from 4130 steel, and zinc plated. PCI warranties the product for up to 2 years from manufacturer defects.

Overall benefits:
Reduced torque steer
Better power delivery to the ground
Improved high-speed stability
Reduce wheel hop

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Customer Questions


does this need to be pushed in? i have a set of control arms i am looking to powdercoat and add these in so just wondering if i just burn out whats inside or push it out?


Yes, these bearings need to be pressed in, and the old bushings do need to be pressed out. You can burn the rubber from the old bushings out but you will still need to remove the metal housing from the arms. It is best to just press them out.


I've got this kit and it comes with 4 bearings. The arm has 3 bushings total on each arm, totaling 6. Which 2 do not get pushed out?


The compliance bearing kit replaces both the bushings on the subframe. Not the one at the lower shock mount.


Performance / Function:
Craftsmanship / Quality:


  • These are a MUST to own if you own this car! January, 25
    By David Penland, Grocery Getter
    Buy these FLP Compliance Bearings. Period. I was skeptical, because this is a pretty big purchase in my household, but if something odd about the steering/suspension on your car brought you to be reading this, then you just need to go ahead and buy them. After experiencing the difference myself, I cannot imagine that this doesn't have something to do with anything that could be your problem. After I installed the FLP bearings, I went for a test drive. The way the car handles now actually made me giggle out loud a few times. Yep, maybe I am a dork, but that is how much the difference is.

    The torque of this car is now... WOW! Albeit, I do have a cold air intake on it, but that is it. I know you are not supposed to do legally do this, but I drove between 60-65 MPH around a tight 30MPH exit ramp off the interstate like the car was glued to the ground. No 'squirreliness' to the steering upon braking and entering the corner, no oversteer, no 'roll' to the car, and no hesitation in the acceleration around the corner and back straight again. The thing is a rocket ship now! Well, at least in my world it is...

    As for the 'harsher' feeling of them, it really isn't harsher. You feel the road more, but that isn't a bad thing like many of the reviews you read on forums seem to leave you with the feeling of. It's not like that. It's more like you feel the road in a manner that you confidently know what you are capable of doing with your car. The stability these provide compared to the stock ones cannot really be explained as well as they deserve. You just have to experience them. Coming from the perspective of a consumer that has a finicky wife about her car.... If she cannot find a single fault in the way the car drives now, and does nothing but go on and on about how awesome her car is with Fastline Performance’s PCI Spherical Compliance Bearings on it, trust me when I say they aren't a harsh ride. You will be pleased with your purchase.
  • Highly Recommended!! July, 28
    By 2004 TL, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Very happy with this (compliance bushings) upgrade. I would urge anyone w/ a 3rd gen TL or any other Honda/Acura where these bushings can be replaced to do so.
  • Great Upgrade June, 23
    By 06 TL Owner, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Family sedan. Stock everything. Except for these. Great handling over the rubber bushings. Not too much rougher; actually smoother over good roads. Great service and support from Marcus throughout the process including post-sale. He gave me great help with installation. Permanent fix for this design issue. Again, can't recommend these enough. DIY on Acurazine.
  • Perfect upgrade May, 14
    By KIDinc, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    This should of been my first upgrade! My TL-S is awesome at cornering with these with less under steering.. I'm a DYI'r but I had the bushings pressed in by a machine shop. I'm happy I listened to HeelToe and appreciate the service they provide..
  • Compliance Bushings February, 2
    By 06nh6mttl, Street Performance Enthusiast
    Bought these as soon as they became available and there is no going back!!! Car handles more aggresively and has greatly helped with my launches at the track.... Love these bushings!!!!!
  • Compliance Bearings November, 14
    By FriKi from Acurazine, Street Performance Enthusiast
    i agree with comment below...100% satisfaction...i love my tl even more after installing these bushings...Aziners dont go the oem route ..they would crack again
  • Compliance Bushings October, 25
    By MacKenzie, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Got these on a couple weeks ago, as the TL I recently purchased had cracked/torn bushings. Although I dont have a comparison with good stock bushings, I can say that these feel amazing. Very responsive, you can literally feel every change in the road surface and only a minor change in ride quality. On bad roads you feel the potholes/poor surface traveling through the front end quite a bit more, but the trade off on the highway and nice roads is well worth it. Oh and the service I received was well beyond what I could have expected, would NEVER hesitate to buy from Marcus/Heel Toe again, you've got a customer for life my man, thanks again.
  • LCA bushings August, 29
    By Ben, Street Performance Enthusiast
    These bushings are excellent. The ride is much smoother than the OEM rubber bushings. Since they are 99% metal, I thought you would feel everything through the steering wheel...well you don't. Excellent bushing. Strongly recommend!!!

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